On behalf of Memorial Drive Christian Church may we congratulate you on your engagement and upcoming wedding. The Service of Christian Marriage is a worship experience and is one of the most sacred rites which the minister performs. Every effort will be made to assist you in planning and implementing a service that will be an incredibly memorable experience.


Making the Reservation

A calendar date will be confirmed upon completion of the following:
  1. One of the ministers has agreed to officiate at the wedding.
  1. The “Wedding Information” sheet has been signed by both the bride

     and the groom and returned to the church office.

  1. All necessary deposits have been paid.


Wedding rehearsals, weddings, or wedding receptions are not scheduled on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, or any day during the Holy Week. Nothing may be scheduled on Sunday. All dates require officiating Ministers’ approval.


Evening weddings are not scheduled after 7:00 p.m. Rehearsals are scheduled on the preceding day, unless special arrangements are made with the presiding Minister.


Wedding fees are set to cover the costs of using the church’s facilities. One is not “renting” the facility but requesting that the church assist in carrying out a Worship Service of Christian Marriage.


Active participation in the life of Memorial Drive Christian church for 6 months prior to the wedding date will qualify for “member” status in wedding fees. Questions concerning active memberstatus are decided by the senior minister.         

The Rehearsal

The rehearsal will be at the time scheduled. The bride and groom are asked to urge all members of the wedding party to be as prompt for the rehearsal as for the wedding. All members of the wedding party, including parents of the bride and groom, ushers, and soloists should be asked to attend the rehearsal.


The church facilities are available for the rehearsal dinner for church members only for a fee of $70.00 for set up and clean up.


The marriage license should be given to the officiating minister no later than the rehearsal. For information concerning your marriage license, call the County Clerk’s Office at 713-755-6405. The wedding service will not begin without the officiating minister having a license.


The Reception

The facilities for wedding receptions at Memorial Drive Christian Church include the Athens Room for up to 50 people, the Fellowship Hall for up to 200 people, and the activities building for up to 300 people. The coordinator will be happy to discuss the use of these areas, their limitations, and the preplanning required ensuring their availability. Use of the facilities includes use of chairs and tables. Linens, small tables, decorations, etc. will not be provided by MDCC.


Receptions must conclude by 10:00 p.m.

No alcoholic beverages may be served on the church premises. No smoking is allowed inside any building.



Friends and family members are required to observe these same rules concerning the taking of pictures and videos.


The wedding is a service of worship and photographers (amateur and professional) are asked to do nothing that would detract from the reverence and meaning of the service.


It is imperative that the photographer understands that no flash photography is allowed during the service and that any photographs taken during the service must be unobtrusive. The last flash will be when the Bride enters and the photographer must remain in the back of the sanctuary after the bride enters. The photographer shall not stand on the seats or place camera equipment on the seats or furniture in the church. He/She will be held responsible for any damages done.


Audio and videotaping of the service is available and the wedding coordinator and/or minister can arrange that service. Only a MDCC sound technician will be allowed to use the audio and/or video equipment at the church.


Should you choose to use a professional videographer, the same rules listed above will apply.



The architecture of our Sanctuary does not lend itself to elaborate decoration so we ask that flowers, decorations, and other appointments be appropriate to the place of worship, enhance the worshipers’ consciousness of God, and reflect the integrity and simplicity of

Christian life.


Flowers and candelabras may be placed in the chancel area however we ask that you comply with the following guidelines:

  1. Decorations must not obscure the communion table or the cross.
  2. Florist must not use thumbtacks, pins, nails, glue, scotch tape, etc on

     any of the furniture. The wedding coordinator will be able to assist you

     in how to attach items to the pews.

  1. Candelabras must use dripless candles and must be placed a safe

     distance from the woodwork or flowers/greenery.

     They must sit on plastic.

  1. Chancel furniture is considered to be a part of the setting and may not

     be moved without prior approval of the officiating minister.

  1. Flower petals, rice, or birdseed may not be strewn any where on the property. Bubbles are appropriate. Silk flower petals are acceptable

     as long as they are picked up immediately following the service.


Two candelabras are available at the church. The wedding coordinator can assist you if you desire to use them. Please consult the wedding coordinator on the flowers and decorations you intend on using prior to decorating the church.


Please make sure all flowers and decorations are removed from the facility before you leave. If the family of a Saturday night wedding couple wishes to leave the flower arrangement for Sunday services, please notify the wedding coordinator, and church secretary. Early sign-up is necessary to avoid conflict with prior reservations.


No animals other than trained service animal dogs are allowed inside the building.



The Minister

The senior minister or one of the associate ministers of MDCC will be the officiating minister at all ceremonies at the church. Ministers of other churches may participate in ceremonies at the invitation of the officiating minister of MDCC. Our ministers will be happy to cooperate in every way possible.


Couples are required to have as many counseling sessions prior to the rehearsal as the officiating minister deems necessary. (No additional cost)


Organist and Music

Memorial Drive Christian Church’s staff organist will be the organist for all weddings and, in consultation with the officiating minister, approve all music, including the processional and recessional. The church can provide a soloist if requested. All music, soloists, or additional instrumentalists must contact the church organist to schedule rehearsal times.


Church sound equipment may be used if desired. The minister will provide instructions concerning the use of the equipment. Equipment should not be moved or changed without special permission.


Wedding Coordinator

A team of wedding coordinators is assigned to each wedding. A member of the team will assist you with your wedding plans and answer all questions concerning the wedding you may have. A member of the team will be present at the wedding rehearsal and service to assist the officiating minister in carrying out the rehearsal and wedding service.


In the event that the bride and groom hire a wedding coordinator, it must be understood that during all events held at Memorial Drive Christian Church, the coordinator team and officiating minister are in charge.

Regarding Personal Valuables

The bride is responsible for contacting the wedding coordinator to determine the time that dresses are to be delivered to the church. The church
will not be responsible for the receiving of dresses.
A representative of the bride must be at the church to receive the dresses.

The church will not be responsible for personal items such as wedding dresses, wraps, purses, silver and glassware brought to the church for use in a wedding or wedding reception; nor shall the church be liable for items lost, stolen, or damaged. Every reasonable effort will be made to assist the wedding party in protecting such property.

The bridal couple should appoint someone to be responsible for any wedding gifts, which may be brought to the church by guests. Please arrange for gifts to be delivered to the family after the ceremony or reception. MDCC cannot be responsible for gifts left at the church.

A dressing room for the bride and groom and their attendants is provided without charge two hours before the wedding,
unless prior arrangements
have been made with the wedding coordinator. Please assign someone to make sure all items have been removed from both the Bride’s room and the Groom’s room before leaving the church after the ceremony.


Wedding Fee Schedule for Members

(maximum 350 people)

Basic Wedding Fees                                                                      $325

(Includes organist, wedding coordinator, sound technician, and custodian)


Fellowship Hall                                                                               $225

                           Seating for 100 green chairs

                          Seating for 200 plastic chairs                  

(Includes wedding coordinator, sound technician, and custodian)
No deposit is required for members. Fees are payable in full two weeks prior to the wedding and is payable to MDCC in one check, with a memo containing the brides name and wedding date.
A suggested honorarium for the officiating minister is $250.


Reception Fee Schedule for Members


Athens Room (up to 50 people)                      

Fellowship Hall (up to 150 people)                


Activities Building/Gymnasium (up to 300 people)


A fee of $25 per hour is required for set up and clean up.      


The Wedding Coordinator will be paid an additional $150 for a reception.


Active participation in the life of Memorial Drive Christian church for 6 months prior to the wedding date will qualify for “member” status in wedding fees. Questions concerning active member status are decided by the senior minister.


Wedding Fee Schedule for Non-Members


Sanctuary                                                                                       $1,625


Use Fee (maximum 350 people)                                

(Includes use of facility, minister’s honorarium, and fees for wedding coordinator, organist, sound technician, and custodian)


Videographer (optional)                                                                  $25


MDCC can provide a soloist for (includes rehearsal)                     $100

(Includes rehearsal)


Fellowship Hall

Use fee (maximum 200 people)                                                    $900

Seating for 100 green chairs or 200 plastic chairs

(Includes use of facility, MDCC minister’s honorarium, and fees for wedding coordinator, pianist, and custodian)


Videographer (optional)                                                                  $25



Athens room
(up to 50 people)                                         $250 for 2 hrs


Fellowship Hall
(up to 200 people)                                   $500 for 2 hrs


Activities Building

(up to 300 people)                             $500 for 2 hrs
(includes use of facility and custodian fee)
The Wedding Coordinator will be paid an additional $150 for a reception.

A non-refundable deposit of $300 is required to hold a non-members reservation.

The balance is payable one month prior to the wedding. The fee is payable to MDCC, in check, with a memo containing the bride’s name and the wedding date.


The cost to repair any damage to the furnishings during a wedding or reception will be the responsibility of those making the reservation.