Sunday Morning Worship

11:00am – Worship Service
We sing both traditional and modern
hymns of faith. Our Chancel Choir offers choral anthems most weeks, our Bell
Choir plays several times each year.
The Lord’s Table or Communion
Communion is celebrated in weekly
worship. It is open to all who are
followers of Jesus Christ. Communion
is usually served by coming forward to receive but will be served in the pews to those who are unable to come forward.
Adult Sunday School
9:45 am
Emmaus Class:
Conference Room
Adult Sunday School class.  This class has a facilitator and loves discussion. The material discussed is Biblical and recommended by class members!  Come listen and share as we grow in our faith.
Journey Class: Philippi Room

We are studying Brian McLaren’s book Why did Jesus, Moses, the Buddha, and Mohammed Cross the Road?

It is a study of Christian identity in a multi-faith world. We explore the questions concerning “Can you be a committed Christian without having to condemn or convert people of other faiths?”

Brian McLaren proposes a new faith alternative, one built on benevolence and solidarity rather than rivalry and hostility, going beyond mere tolerance by encouraging vigorous hospitality toward, interest in, and collaboration with “the other.”

This discussion class is facilitated by Patrick Gibbons and Joyce Stones


Child Care
Nursery care is provided throughout the morning in Room 4 of

our Education Wing. Our Nursery is staffed by paid professionals, who are assisted by trained volunteers.

School aged children begin the 11;00am hour in worship.  After the Moment With Children, those that wish to may exit the sanctuary with our Children’s Ministries Teachers. They head to the education building for a bible lesson and activities.

Hearing Assistance
Hearing assistant devices are available for your use at both worship services. They are located in a basket to the left of the sanctuary doors. If you need help getting one, please ask a Greeter.
Church News
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